Posted: January 10, 2011 by In These Eyes in Journalism, Photo Gallery

Photography and Writing by: Vivian Noller

I had seven friends I had made seven different ways. Together we were four boys and four girls ranging in ages four years apart. A very well balanced group — I had met them all around my middle school years, when I was nowhere near the same person i am today. We each helped each other come out of our shells during that awkward phase.

Each friendship was like a delicate wine that only got better over time.

My senior year of high school, a coffee shop called Insomnia opened in Hillsboro, Oregon. Each of us started going their on our own, and it was there we all began to unite. it wasn’t long until we were dubbed “The Insomniacs”.  The title stuck and we became one unit.

We had rituals: Late night Winco runs, waffle wednesdays, big-ass slumber parties, and breakfast together in the morning. We tagged shit and made our identities known— hell, I even printed out this photo on sticker paper and stuck it wherever I went. We formed so many inside jokes and traditions it almost became cult like.

If you gave me the time of day I could flap my gums about them for hours on end. we were as tight as street gangs, always having each others back and supporting one another when we were down.

Although it may sound silly, it was the first time I ever felt like I really belonged to something important and worthwhile, and because I was one of the older ones, it didn’t happen till my senior year…

Right before I had to leave for college.

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