State Of The Union — Tyree Harris and Stewart Villain

Posted: February 1, 2011 by In These Eyes in Music, Racial Issues, Tyree Harris
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In honor of Black History Month,  Stewart Villain and I put together a nice little three-track EP in which I address issues in which we face in the black community – specifically within our musical and cultural identity.

We’ve allowed black to be weighted not by the academic and ideological achievements we’ve made, and the pain in which we over come, but rather, by the style of clothing we have, the type of shoes we have, and the amount of “bitches” we herd.

We have allowed the white perspective of our popular culture to define who we are as a society, and everytime we listen to artists who don’t make it imperative for us to release ourselves from these misperceptions, we are fueling a fire in which has burned our cultures very foundation for far too long.

This piece of work identifies and clarifies, just what our music has tainted, and who we need to become.

Until our music promotes education, and until our education promotes equality, our society will continue to be oppressed.

Because our music needs to express the realities of the African American Diaspora, not the lived fantasies of black elites, pretending to be stupid.

  1. Aryan Sarpa says:

    I’m not going to lie, this is fuckin’ wicked.

  2. says:

    Stewie’s instrumentals with Tyree’s flow, content, and style is untouchable. Worthy for more than the radio. Everyone in Eugene, OR should know about these two individuals (key word). Even if hip hop isn’t your main choice.

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