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I spent All night working on this data visualizer. It’s my first one ever.

I decided to do this piece about the place of the black man within our society and how many statistical odds he has against him.

Funky Del Mar-Tyree Harris

Posted: January 31, 2011 by Editorial Board in Music, Tyree Harris
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This is a lil’ beat I made inspired by the late  70′s/early 80′s. It’s hella long, because I wanted to recreate that Curtis Mayfield long beat sound where the band would just take it away, and you’d almost forget there were ever words…

In anycase, here it is!

Every year at the University of Oregon, a 12-hour sweatfest known as Dance Marathon takes over the EMU ballroom. Here, students dance to aid families with children that are hampered with medical conditions.

This year I made an appearance and found out that the best dancer there, was  a 15-year-old kid who looks about nine due to some growing complications.

Here is a video I snagged from a friend of this kid getting down. Be sure to check out the Emerald this week for a full-on article of his life story and why he loves to dance.

I art sin

Posted: January 23, 2011 by Editorial Board in abstract, Creative Writing/Poetry, philosophy

Photo by: Vivian Noller


Here is a little something I put together my senior year of high school. I just read some Saul Williams stuff, and his use of typography and grammatical errors inspired me to take a stab at his style…..

Looking back on it, it seems kinda emo, but whatever.

I am
the red fruit.

Dropping on Newtons Imagination,
persuading Eve to induldge in sin.

I am the situation that’s stuck in the back of your mind that you try to ignore but can’t because it’s becoming

an organ doomed to death constructing our lives and music.

The enamored unanimous.
The euphonic tunes of demonic goons.
the Nightmare.  

Transending into your dreams, clutching hold to your greatest fantasies-holding them hostage…..

POW goes the gun on the P.O.W who tried to run.
(where the hell did you think your thoughts were goin?)

Touch of a blind

Sight of a deaf

Pride of an oldest

Shame of a

The Oil
your necessity, the gyrator to your engine
rotating like shoulder joints.

you know the point?
its sharp.

Punctual are we in the way that we discipline?
CAPITAL punishment is the sentence they exclaimed(!) after the jury dashed(–) in with the verdict that he was guilty, and after a period(.) of hidind his colon (:) quoting (“”) his lawyer, and questioning(?) his innocence, he would be beheaded at the CAPITAL.
I am the saint
with a dirty magazine.
The braggart
with a small penis.
The hypocrite
with no hypocrisies.
The fatigued Olympian.
Karma is a two-toned 8 foot boa with fangs squezzing and nibbling at your sins.

Suffocating and biting at your flaws.

Draining airs and defleshing vengance.

the heart that pumps kool-aid
fits well
with the body that sweats Crisco.

Literary Obesity
too thick, too fattening, too sweet are the words that stroll from the lips of a playwright–thus weungage in mental fasting in which we only read the light novelties served by enquire

we fear a chubby mentality

The genius struggles with weight.
the idiot prevails with lightness.
the meagar proclaim excellence.

I am

the apple.

What’s Wrong ft. Maisha Dunn

Posted: January 20, 2011 by Editorial Board in Music


Melech's second CD, features collaborative efforts from Sean Garcia, Frankly Esquire and Johnny Cool, and Maisha Dunn.

Me and this Melech guy go way back: how far back?

Since I was an eight-year-old, action-figure-clutching little punk.

He and I both managed to get into the Rap game around the same time, constantly been sharing ideas and philosophies about what we do and how we want to do it.

His latest piece of work “Better Yet Bitter” features production from two of the illest young men around: Two Kids from Pluto (Frankly Esquire and Johnny Cool).

Melech uses music to convey his experiences and thoughts on love, religion, social tolerance, and adversity. His laid back vocals and thoughtful wordplay are augmented well by Two Kids production and some well placed features.

If you got some free time, check out What’s Wrong ft. Maisha Dunn andto purchase his second effort: Better Yet Bitter

Celebrity Pokémon

Posted: January 17, 2011 by Editorial Board in Comedy

If you are anything like me, you had a bad addiction to Pokémon. I mean you lived, ate, and breathed for it.

Pokémon was crazy for me growing up, because there were so many of them, that you could never keep up. But of course, the makers of Pokémon were so busy, that they forgot to release their exclusive celebrity line of super rare Pokémon!

Here is our deck of famous Pokémon!


Posted: January 10, 2011 by Editorial Board in Music

Alright y’all I got something you are going to love. My main man and 100 grand Steward Villain hit me with this EP he produced featuring an MC by the name of Ces’t La V. The project is called “Villany,” and it sounds a lot like one of those classic Bruce Lee flicks had sex with a really good MF Doom beat(I’m sure a WuTang reference would’ve sufficed here, but, you know…)

Kung Fu rap is an extremely unique sound that not many can master; this production goes to show us not only how ill Ces’t is as an MC and a storyteller, but exactly how versatile Steward Villain is as a producer.

These dudes did serious work.